HotBoxx Mini 2 Door Commercial Food Trolley

Our HotBoxx 2 door commercial food trolley is a heavy duty meal trolley that is a light weight design that is fully insulated with temperature controlled compartments. The heated commercial food trolley can be customised to any height requirements, can fit through standard door ways and has an all round bumper rail to ensure that it doesn’t damage any walls in your facility. Our commercial food trolley offers a consistent heating function through circulating heat with a fan heater. 

commercial food trolley
HBM101 – O

Commercial Food Trolley – Product Features

View the list of features that are included in our heated commercial food transport trolley

• Trolley body manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel and Zinc nickel treated base chassis
• Heavy duty 6 x 125mm Castors – Non Marking
• Light weight and easy manoeuvrability
• Temperature controlled compartments
• Fully insulated double skin compartment including door
• Customisable height options
• All round bumper rail
• Spring return doors with 90-degree lock
• Wheel configuration allowing trolleys to turn 360 degrees within its own footprint
• Cooling temp control of 2-5 degrees C with Eutectic plates
• 5kg push/pull force design
• Preset temperature controller
• Provision for Eutectic plate and heating elements
• Designed to fit through standard door openings of 850mm
• EMC certification to AS/NZS CISPR 14.1:2010


Product Specs

commercial food trolley
HBM 102 – B

• 0-100 Degrees Celsius Thermostat
• 10A Electrical connection
• 1000W heating elements
• Eutectic plate cooling



• Optional Stainless Steel perforated or oven grill shelves available
• Hot Box lining of high temperature PVC with non radiant heating element which provide consistent heating through circulating heat inside box with fan heater
• Stainless steel vertical or horizontal handles or high impact rated PVC grab handles


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