Commercial Food Transport Trolley – The Hotboxx Mini PVC

Our commercial food transport trolley is an insulated design that has been manufactured from insulated food grade polyethylene. The compact commercial food transport trolley offers a preset temperate controlled environment allowing your food items to remain fresh and ready to eat for longer periods of time. Our commercial food transport trolley is as simple as set and forget type design. Set the temperature that you want the food to stay at, transport the items and open when ready to be served. Our designs have all been designed to minimise effort and maximise functionality. We custom assemble all of our commercial food transport trolleys to ensure that they are ready to serve their purpose in the environment that they will be used in. Every industry is different, every location is different and every need is different which is why we customise each commercial food trolley prior to using the trolley at your facility. The compacted design has handles on the sides and top of the box to allow it to be easily transported on site or in a delivery vehicle if required. 

Commercial Food Transport Trolley – Product Features

View our range of features that are including in the design below:

• Trolley body manufactured from insulated food grade polyethylene
• Heavy duty non marking castors
• Light weight and easy maneuverable
• Door openable 270 degrees
• Preset temperature controller
• Provision for Eutectic Plate
• Fits through standard door of 850mm
• Fully insulated double skin compartment including door


Product Specifications

• 0-85 Degrees thermostat
• 10A electrical connection
• Eutectic Plate cooling
• Consistent heating through circulating heat inside box with fan heater
• Side, front and top handles for easy moving and lifting