Medpac Group – The leading supplier of the world’s most innovative equipment.

Medpac Group Solutions are suppliers of some of the world’s most innovative Medical, Custodial, Defence and Hospitality equipment, we are proud to introduce to the Australasian market a range of Hotbox Meal trolleys which have quietly transforming the lives of designers and product users for a number of years.

Medpac Group Solution products include a range of purpose built Hotboxx Heated Meal trolleys. All products have been selectively designed for their innovative, modern and aesthetic appearance and backed up by the latest cutting-edge technology. Because the products we supply have been developed in consultation with Healthcare, Custodial and Defence Professionals, they are user friendly and tailored to meet the specific needs of the modern profession.

Mobile Meals – Hot Food Trolley

The cutting-edge technology that our hot food trolleys have incorporated within their systems allow you to simply set and forget temperatures that will allow you food to stay fresh for longer amounts of time. Medpac Group Solutions is continually improving the Hotboxx product range to incorporate the latest technology trends, whilst also ensuring that the materials they are using allow for easier transportation and sufficient materials for cleanliness. We have created a stackable range of products that suit almost every industry whether it be Custodial, Medical, Defence, live-in facilities, schools and many more. If you require any equipment for your business, make Medpac Group Solutions your first point of contact.